Complaints Procedure

Here at Freedom Property Management, we pride ourselves on providing a professional standard of service to all our clients.


In ensuring standards are fully maintained and in an effort to also ensure treat clients fairly, we have a two-stage complaints procedure in place.


We will always investigate any complaint thoroughly and hopefully, provide a quick and fair resolution. However, if it is clear the matter will need a more detailed investigation or indeed to be referred to an external arbitrator, then it can be referred to the: The Property Redress Scheme.


In order to register a complaint, clients may carry out any of the following:


Write to us at Freedom Property Management at 236 Gisburn Road, Blacko, Lancashire BB9 6LP or by email to


Please note:


Too much detail is better than not enough so remember to include all aspects of your complaint, i.e. dates and the member of staff you spoke to or who handled your case. If you have it, enclose written/other evidence.


Stage One of the Complaints Procedure:


We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint in writing within five working days and a thorough investigation will be commenced.


A senior member of staff, who is not or was not linked to the transaction c, the subject of the complaint, will be handling your complaint.


There will be a formal letter containing a response sent out to you within 14 days and should this be delayed you will be advised in writing/email/telephone. The response will address, in detail your complaint and it will propose an amicable solution if this is appropriate to the complaint.


Should the response not be satisfactory to you, you may, at that stage, request your complaint be accelerated to stage 2 of our complaints procedure.


Stage Two of our Complaints procedure:


Your complaint will be looked at again, having acknowledged receipt of your dissatisfaction of our response in writing, within 3 working days. We will then conduct a further investigation conducted by staff not involved in the stage one of the complaints procedure.


A full written, conclusion, response will be issued to you within 14 days. This response will be the final response and therefore, should you remain dissatisfied you may refer your complaint to our redress scheme. Should you decide to refer then your redress must be in writing to them (details provided below) within 12 months of the date of the conclusion of stage 2 procedure.


Please note however, you must have followed our complaints procedure before our independent redress scheme will consider your complaint.

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Refer to The Property Redress Scheme

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Updated 01 March 2022